New 3-D Home Walkthrough Technology is Pretty Sweet!

In the world of real estate marketing, new technology seems to come out every week and frankly, it can get a little overwhelming.  I tend to let the fads show themselves before jumping 100% on board.  However, in the case of this new 3D walkthrough technology, I'm all over it from the start.

You can tour a property like you're walking through it similar to Google Street View.  Take a look at downstairs then upstairs, and then take a look upstairs again.  Take a look at the floorplan….Then take a look like it's a dollhouse.  All those options are there for the viewer. 

It really is a remarkable tool that could change the way pictures are used for real estate listings.  Take a look at my latest version here.  Walk through the house and let me know what you think.  I love to talk about the latest and greatest technology tools.



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Check Out Michael Jordan’s Mansion For Sale at Auction

Michael Jordan's house outside Chicago is up for auction later this month and you just have to see this video tour!  There aren't many things I would change about this place.  It's spectacular in every sense of the word.  Does anybody out there have an extra twenty or so million dollars to blow?  If so, I'll happily set you up with the auctioneers.  If you get the place, I promise to visit often.  It's OK, the place is huge.  You won't even know I'm there.

Take a look….What do you think?




For more information, Here's a link to the home's website:  Air Jordan's House


Are you a Pierce County luxury homeowner?  If not, would you like to be?  If you're thinking about buying or selling we should talk.  My team and I have ability to replicate and expand upon some of the innovative marketing techniques used for homes like this Jordan estate.  I've participated in almost half the sales over $1M in University Place since 2011.  With the US Open at Chambers Bay on the way, University Place is on the verge of major exposure and high desirability.  I'm ready and willing to help you make the most of the high end real estate market here in the Tacoma, Gig Harbor, University Place, and Steilacoom areas.

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Proud to be a member of the Advisory Committee.

Recently I was approached to join the advisory committee for the group working “behind the scenes” to support a regional effort to bring a world class arena facility, premium concerts, and new professional sports teams (NBA/NHL) to the Puget Sound area.

By assembling a large and diverse coalition willing to publicly state support of these efforts, is demonstrating to political and private business leaders the public’s overwhelming desire to find an arena solution.   This solution must be responsible to the taxpayers and spur economic growth, while bringing a strong sense of pride to the community.

Please let me know if you’d like to join the effort to build a new facility, bring the NBA back, and possibly land an NHL team.  For a list of people already involved please click this link for an info sheet.
(I’m on page 7)

Take a look at the website here:

Lastly, if you haven’t seen it, please set aside a couple hours and watch this well produced documentary about the events that led to the Sonics departure. 


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Check Out the Husky Stadium Farewell 360 Fan Picture!

So, this is pretty much the coolest picture ever.  You can pan all the way around Husky Stadium just before kickoff of the last game before the remodel.

The GigaPixel FanCam image consists of more than 20 billion pixels, allowing you to zoom in and explore every corner of Husky Stadium. If you were there, be sure to tag yourself in the FanCam to prove it! If not, you can still tag anything
cool you find.

Enjoy the Husky Stadium Farewell Game FanCam, and share it with your friends!

Here’s the fan and stadium tribute video that was played on the big screen.  It was very well done.  I have so many great memories in that Stadium.  Excited for the new and will fondly remember the old!  Go Dawgs!


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November is Movember…A Month Long Celebration of the Mustache.

Movember is a month-long celebration of the mustache.  It was started to highlight men’s health issues – specifically prostate and testicular cancer.  During the month of November, participants grow a mustache and raise funds for charities like the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. 

Here are the official rules.  Let me know if you spot any participants and have a great Movember!

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Basketball Never Stops

It’s been awhile but when the Sonics were still here in the Seattle area, I worked for the team on game nights.  It was pretty much the best gig ever.  I went to every game, ran the scoreboard sitting courtside, and went into the visiting locker room after the game to get quotes for the media.  In short, I loved it.  Still sad that they left and hope one day for their return.

In the meantime, here’s a cool video commercial for Nike.  Basketball Never Stops..

Oh, one more thing…Feel free to call or e-mail if you or someone you know has residential real estate needs in the Tacoma – Seattle area.  I’m happy to be of assistance.

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